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david-golomb David Golomb (Prof.)

1980 - 1983B.Sc., Physics and Mathematica
1983 - 1986M.Sc., Physics
1988 - 1991Ph.D., Physics
1991 - 1992Post-doctoral fellow, Cornell University
1992 - 1995Post-doctoral fellow, Mathematical Research Branch, NIH
1995 - 1997Researcher, Dept. of Physiology, Ben-Gurion University
1997 - 2003Senior Researcher, Dept. of Physiology, Ben-Gurion University
2003 - 2008Associate Professor, Dept. of Physiology, Ben-Gurion University
Office: Goldman Building (M6), Room 427
Phone: 08 6477325
FAX: 972 8 6477628
Email: golomb@bgu.ac.il
Research Interests

  • Theoretical and computational neuroscience. Dynamics of neurons, neuronal networks and neuronal systems. The vibrissa somatosensory-motor system of rodents. Synaptic dynamics and their effect on network behavior.
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Key Publications

  • E. Ahissar, D. Golomb, S. Haidarliu, R. Sosnik and C. Yu (2008) Latency coding in POm: importance of parametric regimes. J. Neurophysiol. 1001152-1154.
  •  E. Simony, I. Saraf-Sinik, D. Golomb and E. Ahissar (2008) Sensation-targeted motor control: every spike counts? J. Neurophysiol. 99: 2757-2759.
  • B. Pfeuty, D. Golomb, G. Mato and D. Hansel (2007) Inhibition potentiates the synchronizing action of electrical synapses. Frontiers in Comput. Neurosci. 1:8, 1-8.
  • D. Golomb, K. Donner, L. Shacham, D. Shlosberg, Y. Amitai and D. Hansel (2007) Mechanisms of firing patterns in fast-spiking cortical interneurons. PLoS Comput. Biol. 3(8): e156, 1498-1512.
  • D. Golomb (2007) Neuronal synchrony measures. Scholarpedia 2(1): 1347.
  • D. Golomb, C. Yue and Y. Yaari (2006) Contribution of persistent Na+ current and M-type K+ current to somatic bursting in CA1 pyramidal cells: combined experimental and modeling study. J. Neurophysiol. 96: 1912-1926.
  • D. Golomb, E. Ahissar and D. Kleinfeld (2006) GABAB-mediated feedback: A mechanism to code stimulus frequency by latency in thalamic networks. J. Neurophysiol. 95:1735-1750.
  • D. Golomb, A. Shedmi, R. Curtu and G.B. Ermentrout (2006) Persistent synchronized bursting activity in cortical tissues with low magnesium concentration: a modeling study (2006) J. Neurophysiol. 95: 1049-1067.
  • B. Pfeuty, G. Mato, D. Golomb and D. Hansel (2005) The Combined Effects of Inhibitory and Electrical Synapses in Synchrony. Neural Comp. 17: 633-670.
  • B. Pfeuty, G. Mato, D. Golomb and D. Hansel (2003) Electrical synapses and synchrony: the role of intrinsic currents. J. Neurosci. 23: 6280-6294.
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