Vonshak, Avigad
Professor, 2001
Research interests

1. The role of environmental factors, i.e., light, temperature, and salinity on the photosynthetic and respiratory activity of algae in an attempt to relate these parameters and their interactions to physiological phenomena in mass cultivation of algae. Particular attention is given to photoinhibition and modifications in PSII activity in Spirulina and its impact on outdoor productivity.

2. Strain selection and improvement in Spirulina. Different strains of Spirulina are collected and characterized on the basis of their physiological responses to light and temperature. Another approach is based on the efforts to develop a gene transfer system in Spirulina in order to be able and use molecular genetic approaches in the physiological studies.

3. The developmental and physiological changes in the course of carotenogenesis induction in Haematococcus pluvialis as correlated with the modification in the photosynthetic activity of the cells are investigated.

Chapters in Books

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Recent publications

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