Boussiba, Sammy
Professor, 2001

Research interests

1) Haematococcus - a model organism to study biotechnological approaches for the utilization of high value products from microalgae. The research concerns studies of fundamental aspects involved in cell morphology and structure, molecular and cellular aspects in the carotenogenesis process, and large-scale production of astaxanthin rich Haematococcus.

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2) Integrated Desert Aquaculture Biosystems
Deserts and arid regions provide excellent alternative environment to the growing aquaculture industry. Water is a major limiting factor in the development of desert regions. Some deserts areas, however, are rich in geothermal brackish water which, is drawn from artesian and other deep wells. To justify the high costs involve in pumping and distributing water in the desert it is necessary to optimize water potential. Combining agricultural fields' irrigation with the cultivation of marine aquaculture organisms such as, algae fish and shrimp is the ultimate option to this challenge. Integrated and sustainable aquaculture supports the idea which was best described earlier as the "chain of users" where different products can be cultured using the same limited water while preserving the environment and eliminating effluent problems. It is the sustainability of water use that promotes the sustainability of dryland development and contributes to the success of the combat against desertification (desertification- land degradation of dryland resulting from utilizing and developing drylands by employing practices leading to economic non-sustainability.

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3) N2-fixing cyanobacteria - potential applications: Research is focused on the application of N2-fixing cyanobacteria as biological vectors to encounter environmental problems. This includes utilization of these algae as biological control agent through cloning of desirable genes such as BTI toxin genes to combat malaria; their application for the biodegradation of pollutants, as well as their use as biofertilizers and soil conditioners.

4) The mechanisms facilitating the survival of Spirulina in extreme alkaline environments. The survival of Spirulina in extreme alkaline environments is one of the most peculiar features of this microalga. We are studying the physiological aspects as well as the biochemical and molecular components involved in this activity.

Recent publications

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